iSMARTS/CRM - Customer Relationship Management Solution
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Receivables Management
iSMARTS/CRM is a comprehensive suite of modules which work collaboratively to provide wide range of customer relationship management functionalities towards managing customers, prospects, sales, services and other key functions affecting the organizations bottom line and growth.
The highly scalable and collaborative component architecture supports following key functionalities.
Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are key to an organizations growth, revenues, profitability and market share, iSMARTS provide exhaustive customer relationship creation and enhancement tools, customer care features, customer profiling and segmentation mechanisms.
These features contribute to increased customer base and also improved customer relationships which then result in increased sales potential, revenue growth and also forecasting & planning abilities based on customer profile.


iSMARTS Telesales along with the Call Centre Application provides best of breed telesales abilities. It provides special features for Direct Sales, Institutional & Relationship sales, Transactional Sales, Segment/Account Specific Targeted Sales. It supports promotions management, pricing and discounts management and also collections management. It provides up-sales features, on-line margin computations and various other mechanisms specially suited to shorten sales cycle, increase revenues and also profitability.


iSMARTS provides interfaces to web-stores that support online sales. Web-stores have various components which include catalog management and access, store management, B2C and B2B stores, premier stores, cart management. On-line sales are optionally linked to on-line e-payment server for online payments. There are other features that enable improved penetration in the on-line sales. These include online promotions, value added web stores, auctions and market place interfaces etc.

Campaign Management

iSMARTS Campaign Management application provides ability to market to various prospects and customer segments through promotions, marketing campaigns, channel marketing and other means. It allows various mechanisms to interact with customers and prospects - phone calls, e-mails/broadcasts, web, on-line-fax, marketing promotions, loyalty mechanisms etc. It provides means to evaluate and realize sales by way of prospects identification and profiling and product/services mapping to prospects.

Business Intelligence

iSMARTS provides various tools that help in gathering and utilizing information so as to have competitive edge and also help in positioning products and services in the market. It collates and analyses information related to customers & prospects, projected & realized sales, market conditions, competitive products etc. It also provides reporting and analytical tools to help in analyzing customer preference, customer buying patterns, revenue projections, margin analysis, relative performance of product segment, customer segments etc. It provides services and customer satisfaction/expectation level metrics.

Call-Centre Interface
iSMARTS provides a Call-Centre application component that handles all call-related activities in an organization. Call-Centre application services are used by the Tele-sales, Marketing, Services and also Collections application. Call-Centre allows centralization of call handling facilities in an organized and methodical way so that other Call-Centre oriented applications provide better services levels to customers or other entities thus reducing cost of ownership and also increased returns. Other features include external interfaces for IVR, IP/Telephony etc.
Services Support

iSMARTS Technical Support component provides mean of handling technical support or service requests from Customer. It provides customer inquiry support, customer complaint management support, product usage or installation or other assistance support, warranty support, goods replacements/repair support and similar other support functions. iSMARTS Technical Support/Services application is supplemented by a strong knowledge-base and knowledge management module that help in problem management. Additional features provided include manuals and guides database, features matrix, packing list and parts list interfaces, warranty tracking component, problem resolution response dispatcher etc.

e-Services Support
e-Services Support provides a low overhead but efficient mechanism that allows a 24-hour self (and if needed assistance) service to customer by use of internet/intranet technology. Using e-Services Support a customer can access the knowledge base, call register the query or complaint or any other request. Services also allow the customer to track the status of the previously launched query/complaint. Services support is also useful in optionally informing appropriately registered customers/prospects about launch of new products, accessories, and even promotions.
Business Benefits
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship
  • Improved Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Cost of Services
  • Increased and well Profiled Customer Base
  • Increased Sales and Profitability
  • Improved Market Positioning
  • Cutting Edge Business Intelligence
Architectural Features
  • Reliable Component-based Collaborative Architecture
  • Scalable distributed architecture based on latest open technology
  • Available on various popular platforms
  • Available with multi-language options
  • Supports multiple business units located internationally
  • Streamlined Information flow and workflow
  • Works with external applications e.g. ERP and marketplace applications
  • Works seamlessly with other iSMARTS suite of projects
The solution is based on open platform and J2EE architecture. It can be deployed on Oracle and IBM database and application sever platforms on NT/Linux/Unix operating systems.
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