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Our Human Resources Solution is an application from the iSMARTS family of collaborative e-business applications.
It is highly scalable and can be used globally in a single instance or multi-instance mode based on topological and infrastructure preferences of the organization. It supports various international and strategic business units of the organization spread over multiple countries.
It supports various functionalities for the human resources department, administrative management, executive management and also self service functions for individual employees. It provides user friendly portals for categorized and organized access via portals such as executive management portal, human resource management portal, payroll-management portal and administrative portal in addition to the self service portal for individual employee access.
The HRMS designed by us is an asset to manage and nurture your most valuable assets.
The HRMS designed by us is an asset to manage and nurture your most valuable assets.
The functional aspects and supported features allow you to:
  • Attract, nurture & retain human resources - grow them as you grow
  • Achieve workforce optimization - increase ROI on human intelligence assets
  • Reduce administrative costs - invest in growing your most valuable assets
  • Improve performance & productivity - increase profitability
  • Deploy Enterprise-wide system - achieve economy of scale
  • Facilitate workforce mobility - ensure right person for right job at right time
  • Manage strategic initiatives globally - achieve corporate growth and profitability
The major functional capabilities include:
  • Workforce Planning, Management & Optimization
  • Workforce Organization, Information Management & Facilities
  • Workforce Improvement, Growth & Productivity
  • Workforce Compensation & Payments
  • Workforce Self-Service, Collaborative & Executive Portals
The solution provides functional mapping for key human resource management processes from requisition of resources to resource allocation and scheduling to performance improvements and recognitions. It supports ability to define KPIs at organizational, departmental and individual team / member level. It allows the objectives of the organization, business units, task groups and teams and individuals be clearly defined, prioritized, achieved and recognized in a prioritized and structured way.
The solution is based on open platform and J2EE architecture. It can be deployed on Oracle and IBM database and application sever platforms on NT/Linux/Unix operating systems.
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