iSMARTS/CHEC+S - Collaborative Healthcare Solution
Sales & Distribution
Procurement & SCM
Cataloging & Inventory
HRMS & Payroll
Financial Accounting
We offers comprehensive healthcare solutions that provide new paradigms for delivering world-class healthcare services at optimized costs and offer excellent value proposition by consistently improving the collaboration between multiple business entities.
Core Hospital Management Applications
Core Hospital Management Applications form the core healthcare /hospital functionalities such as the hospital operations, patient-care, departmental units operations such as labs and diagnostic centers, operations of supplementary facilities such as cafeteria and gym and also physicians practice management.
Healthcare Corporate Applications

Healthcare Corporate applications form the core corporate business applications highly verticalized for hospital and healthcare operations and interface with the core hospital management applications.

Healthcare Corporate Applications include purchase and procurement, inventory and materials, financial accounting, payments and collections, HR & payroll etc.

Specialized Healthcare Applications
Specialized Healthcare Applications include applications such as specialty clinics management or pharmacy management. It also provides value add functionalities such as corporate healthcare management, patient relationship management, events, promotions campaigns, etc.
Advanced Collaborative Applications
Advanced Collaborative Applications include supply chain advanced functions, marketplace interfaces, collaborative knowledge base interactions, telemedicine applications, interfaces to insurance and pharma industries, interfaces to healthcare service providers, healthcare communities etc.
Business Benefits
  • Supports a Community of Healthcare Entities
  • On Demand Service Model for Range of Services for Total Patient-care
  • Specialized Applications SCM - PCRM - HCRM - ABPC
  • Requirement Optimized Deployment Options
  • Core Healthcare and Hospital Management Functions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Collaborative Applications Architecture
  • Value-add Services Support Features
  • Robust, Scalable and Standards based Technology Framework
Architectural Features
  • Reliable Component-based Collaborative Architecture
  • Easy to use Online Functionality
  • DICOM Interface for Imaging and Archiving Patient’s Records
  • Uniform Business Process Across the Hospital Network
  • Sophistication in Maintaining Patient’s Medical Records
  • HIPAA /HL7 and Standard Interfaces
  • Supports ICD-9-CM & ICD-10, CPT (4 & 5), SNOMED (I & II)
  • Scalable Distributed Architecture based on Latest Open Technology
  • Available on Various Popular Platforms
  • Available with Multi-language Options
  • Supports Multiple Business Units Located Internationally
  • Streamlined Information flow and Workflow
  • Works with External Applications
  • Works Seamlessly with other iSMARTS suite of Projects
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